About Us

At Montoddler, our journey began at the intersection of architecture and education. Our founder, Saim Demirci, discovered the Montessori philosophy during his university years, recognizing a significant awareness gap in this field within Turkey.

Driven by a passion to make a positive impact on child development, Saim Demirci embarked on a dual mission. Alongside his architecture career, he began designing specialized products for children, all rooted in Montessori principles. Since 2003, he has shared these designs with conscious manufacturers and families across Montessori community worldwide, fostering awareness and enriching childhoods.

In 2023, fueled by a vision to reach even more families worldwide, Saim Demirci took his designs across the Atlantic to New Jersey, USA. Here, he founded the Montoddler brand.

Montoddler is the realization of Saim Demirci's dream to create environments tailored to the unique needs of children, enhancing their physical and intellectual development. We are dedicated to empowering children, parents, and educators alike, because we believe that every child's potential knows no bounds.

Montoddler is a commitment to nurturing a generation of well-rounded, inquisitive minds. We invite you to be part of our journey towards a brighter future.