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Montoddler Reforestation Program

We can only trust natural materials for the products our children use. However, we must not forget that these natural materials are limited and we need to replenish what we use. At Montoddler, we are partnering with OneTreePlanted to carry out reforestation projects in four different states.

As part of this project, for every child who owns a Montoddler product, we plant a tree each year on their birthday until they turn 18. Moreover, when the tree is planted, you will receive a planting certificate as a birthday gift to your email address. Enroll your child in this program now and let us plant a tree every year in their name until they turn 18.


How can I participate?

Immediately after purchasing any Montoddler product, you will receive an email about the Montoddler reforestation program. Within this email, you will find the certificate of the planting made in your name and a participation form for the program. By filling out the form, you can participate and receive as a gift the certificate of the tree we plant for you every year on your child's birthday until they turn 18, in partnership with ONETREEPLANTED.