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Red & White Baby Lounger Nest & Pillow Set - Montoddler

Red & White Baby Lounger Nest & Pillow Set

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Montessori Bed Accessories by Montoddler

The Montessori philosophy places great emphasis on fostering independence and self-reliance in children. This extends to the bedroom with specially designed Montessori bed accessories that allow kids to take ownership of making and tidying their own bed. A core item is the Montessori pillow, filled with lightweight, hypoallergenic microfibers that even a toddler can fluff, position and carry. Paired with this are lightweight blankets and breathable, knit sheets in vibrant colors and patterns that children can delight in coordinating.

Montessori bed accessories go beyond textiles to also include wooden bed helpers carved into useful shapes. Ergonomic bed handlebars promote stability getting in and out of bed while mini stairs double as storage steps when placed against the mattress. For organizing bedtime essentials, handcrafted storage pockets, pillow stands and fabric cubes fit seamlessly under the bed frame. Made from high-quality birch wood in a range of nature-inspired stains, these accessories coordinate beautifully while getting little ones to take ownership of their sleep space. Designed with a child’s developing motor skills in mind, Montessori bed accessories promote confidence, capability and responsibility.