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Red & White Baby Lounger Nest & Pillow Set

Red & White Baby Lounger Nest & Pillow Set

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Why Montoddler

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New Montoddler baby lounger & nest provides a snuggly, womb-like sleep sanctuary perfect for napping newborns up to 6 months old. This ultra-soft nesting pad cushions babies in breathable comfort, allowing secure movement and positioning for optimal joint and muscle development.

Product Details:

  • 100% cotton pad measuring 31" x 31"
  • Contoured sides provide a gentle hug sensation
  • Fits standard size cribs and bassinets
  • Machine washable pad and removable cover
  • Tested non-toxic materials

Baby lounger's curved cocoon design gives babies the closeness and support they experienced in the womb, reducing startle reflexes for deeper, more restful naps whether used independently or inside a crib.

The breathable cotton material allows ample airflow while keeping baby’s head visible and free ensuring safety.

Give your little one the calming, comfy nest environment that boosts sleep hormones helping them rapidly grow and develop both brain and body. Our non-toxic baby lounger nurtures healthy, happy babies starting day one!

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